Monthly Archives: April 2013

Lemon Curry Brick Chicken with Spicy Kale and Curry Mashed Potatoes

Lemon Curry Brick Chicken with Spicy Kale and Curry Mashed Potatoes Ok, let’s be honest here. This recipe and post really only exist for one reason, and that reason is the word spatchcocking. I think it’s a pretty awesome word…it just rolls of the tongue in a fun way. Spatchcocking. Say it.  Love it. Moving […]

Citrus Soy Ahi Sashimi with Ginger Gremolata

Citrus Soy Ahi Sashimi with Ginger Gremolata Yesterday was Thursday, which for us means local farmer’s market day. Most Thursdays the hubby usually picks up a few essentials; farm fresh eggs, strawberries, and some killer local fish. This usually means I get to have some fun on Thursday nights playing around with whatever he brings […]

Rack of lamb with roast tomato and cannellini bean mint stew

This Saturday was a much needed spring cleaning day at the house (a little late I know) and as such, I had great aspirations to make a spring inspired meal. Grilled rack of lamb with a cherry tomato and mint salad; clean, simple, and bright flavors. The weather, however, didn’t want to play along with […]

My Grandmother’s Paella…but not really

I thought it would be appropriate to start my blog with homage to my grandmother. My grandmother was born and raised in Puerto Rico and brought so much culture and life to our family. I believe from her cooking (or what my father lovingly refers to as “spic” food) stemmed my passion for food, with […]