Food is the unending passion, the livelihood; therapy, love, culture, and bliss, all rolled into one beautiful plate, one scrumptious bite.

The idea behind the coffee table cookbook was to make a beautiful collection of my favorite recipes and the stories that accompany them. I find this to be a great creative outlet when I’m not slaving away at the 9-5, taking care of a crazy and beautiful kindergartener, being spoiled rotten by a loving husband, or receiving an unending amount of bulldog kisses from our amazing dog. We live and love in sunny southern California, born and raised; we love it here and are extremely blessed.

For now my means come from a wonderful job at a large university. I love what I do, but there will be a day when I make the leap and open a restaurant {fingers crossed}. For now the blog is something to keep the creative juices flowing and to feel connected to such a big part of my inner passion.

All recipes and food pictures are my own unless otherwise noted. The hubby helps with the picture taking as well (he has a better eye but I’m learning!) and we use a Nikon D40 for almost all photographs, minus the once in a while iPhone photo.

I hope you like what you see (and taste).

 image is owned + copyrighted by wild{whim} design + photography

image is owned + copyrighted by wild{whim} design + photography



  1. Lovely. And you’re nearby! Happy living, eating and loving to you!

    1. Same to you and yours! Just realized you’re up in Topanga….were getting married there in two months and hoping to buy a home up there within the next year or so! Such a wonderful and beautiful community, cheers!

      1. Super cool! Look forward to meeting you one day! 😉 How old is your son? Maybe he and my youngest daughter will be in school together — Topanga Elementary is great. (as is the Montessori pre-school, where she’ll be going in the fall.) Let me know if you have any questions pre-move. We’re pretty dialed in up here. Congratulations!

      2. He will be 5 in July, starting Kindergarten this fall in Westlake, sounds like they’re just about the same age! We’ve heard great things about Topanga Elementary, will definitley keep in touch. Yay for blog world connections!

      3. You’re my first local blog connection! 🙂 (I’ve got them in the East, South, Northwest, Midwest, Europe, South America, Australia, etc. etc. etc. — pretty much everywhere BUT here!) Happy wedding!! Cheers.

  2. Betty Hylton · · Reply

    Can’t wait to try and make the scallops!

    1. Yay! Let me know how it turns out!

  3. “Really pretty and yummy food” is right — you have beautiful photos and the food looks delicious! Thanks for posting!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and thank you for the kind words! It’s definitely a learning process trying to “document” my food, but I’m having so much fun doing so!!

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